"For well over a year, I had intolerable pain with my periods.  I took the maximum dose of anti-inflammatories.  I am a Western physician and found myself completely unhappy with what Western medicine had to offer.  My doctor said my uterus was lying to the right and my cervix was difficult to find on exams, but she also said that this had nothing to do with my pain.  I thought that Maya abdominal massage might help, and then I found Abigail.  The first time I got my period after starting her treatments, I didn't even know I had started bleeding. I continued to improve over several months and have now had three normal cycles in a row!!  On my last doctor's exam, I was told my uterus was in a completely normal position and that my muscles and tissues felt healthier.  Abigail is a true healer.  She offers miraculous massage and loving support."






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